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The Houston Treasury Management Association started a tradition to recognize the Bankers that have provided extraordinary service to our practitioner members since 1988. The association’s practitioners vote annually to select Bankers for recognition each year and there could be one or up to 9 selected for recognition. The awards have been given at the HTMA annual Christmas party meeting and has been continuous through 2020 with 193 Bankers having been recognized. Many Bankers have been continuing to provide this high level of service for many years and have been selected in more than one year. Some have been recognized so many times that they are induced into the Hall of Fame Favorite Bankers (see website for information). This tradition was paused during COVID and now in 2024 we are beginning again by recognizing Favorite Bankers at TEXPO 2024 in Houston for Bankers from all associations of ATTA. 

Favorite Bankers are selected by members of the association because of their dedication to providing services that are above and beyond to their clients. These services range from sales, project implementation, daily customer services and problem solutions. All our practitioners work very hard to get their jobs done and could not do that without their Bankers. This is has been a chance to recognize these Bankers for their exceptional service and a chance to say thank you for all the hard work.