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JOB Job Bank!

Do you have an open position and looking to fill it with an awesome treasury professional?

Send your job postings to and we will add it to our job bank as well as send it out in our newsletters!


Job Bank
 NEW! CTP Credit Resources!

Please check out the new page CTP Credit Resources pages!

We will provide links to sites hosting webinars that are eligible for CTP credits!

CTP Credit Resources
Upcoming Events   

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

The HTMA Associate Membership vote has passed! 

Now Bankers, Vendors and any other Non-Practitioners are
eligible to join the HTMA as an
Associate Member.

Associate Memberships for Non-Practitioners
Eligible to participate in all HTMA meetings and events
Eligible to join any committee/taskforce
NOT Eligible as a voting member
NOT Eligible for office positions
NOT allowed to promote/sell products or services
NOT allowed to disclose any customer information

Registration for Associate Memberships is now open!
Price - $150.00